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  • 6 Little Known Facts about Surveillance Cameras That Are Worth Knowing

6 Little Known Facts about Surveillance Cameras That Are Worth Knowing

  • by Elliot Sebastian
  • 2 Years ago
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These days, surveillance cameras are installed everywhere and they are the best security tool designed in order to record or capture an illegal activity. They help to run a business smoothly. They are used not only in business places, but also in residential and commercial buildings for security purpose. Thanks to brands like Hikvision, security concerns are no more a cause to worry.

We all are aware of the security benefits that surveillance cameras provide, but there are few more facts that are really worth knowing.

  • Security cameras were designed in the year 1942, but in true sense they came into action only during the 1960s. In Germany, it was first installed in a rocket to track the launch procedure of the rocket.
  • An engineer by the name of Walter Bruch came up with the idea and designed the first surveillance camera. But it took 20 years to come into the market and finally in the year 1992, it made its appearance in Olean, New York.
  • These days, security cameras are very commonly used at homes and business premises, but back then the banking industry was the first one to adapt security cameras.
  • There’s no doubt that surveillance cameras are used for security purposes, but they are also used for traffic monitoring. Traffic authorities use hi-end technology based security cameras to detect the speed of vehicles from a large distance. On exceeding the speed limit, they capture the pictures and charge them penalty for the same.
  • There are many people who use security cameras for their own benefit. They install these cameras near ATM machines to capture pin codes and other personal details of the user, which is not legally right. On getting the personal information, these criminals use duplicate cards for doing unnecessary transactions and the card holder ends up bearing all the losses.
  • Most of the homeowners think of installing surveillance cameras to make their home a completely safe place to live in, but in fact they solve just 3-4% of criminal cases. According to many surveys, it is clear that apart from surveillance cameras additional security arrangement should be done at homes.

Now that you have learnt many new facts about security cameras, you can get to understand the important role it plays in today’s daily life of many people.


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